Swim School

from 4 years

Nurturing confident, competent swimmers from 4 years


From the beginner to the advanced child swimmer we pride ourselves on providing tailored swimming instruction to suit the individual. All our teachers are trained to a high level by us and we continually up skill to ensure our lessons are friendly, fun, safe and highly interactive.  We follow the STA’s International Learn to Swim programme for a complete and progressive aquatic pathway for learners to progress from their first aquatic experiences through to becoming safe proficient swimmers. We limit the class sizes to ensure the best possible learning environment and experience for our swimmers.

Parents will be delighted to hear that as well as the warm spacious changing village (underfloor heated!) there will be a viewing area where you can sit down, relax and enjoy watching your swimmers develop.

How do I book?

Please email our swim school administrator, Esyllt, at [email protected] and she can assist in finding you a suitable slot in our learn to swim programme.

Lessons are £8.50 for 30 minutes, paid per half term block.

As always at Likeafish we will be following the STA award scheme as we feel that this system is very effective at nurturing strong, confident and independent swimmers with a multitude of skills in the water. More information about the award scheme can be found on the STA website or by clicking on the tabs below.

The Octopus series is an exciting series of 3 progressive awards specifically designed for child aged between 4 to 8 years old.

The Goldfish series is an exciting series of 3 progressive awards expanding on skills in a fun, progressive, challenging and rewarding way.

On completion of this series, swimmers will be able to swim 15 metres without any aid as well as perform basic floats.

On completion of the 3 progressive awards in this series, swimmers will be capable of swimming 25 metres without aid, perform butterfly stroke as well as mastering sculling techniques and entries to the water.

This series educates learners in basic water rescue and survival techniques as well as starts and turns for each of the strokes. On completion of the series learners will be able to swim 100 metres.

Moving on up!

Strong swimmers, tweens and teens

Once swimmers reach shark level, they tend to need longer sessions in the pool and a more mature environment to keep their interests in the sport. For strong swimmers or swimmers who have achieved or are at Shark level we recommend joining our Swim Club, where you can complete Shark levels, work towards your bronze, silver and gold awards as well as new skills such as snorkelling and lifesaving.

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